Ryder’s breeding protocol

FC AFC Cuda’s Blue Ryder MH – Stud Fee and Breeding Protocol

Stud Fee

$3,000 or the price of the most expensive puppy, which ever is greater.  A very limited number of frozen semen breedings are available.  Prior to a frozen shipment a non-refundable deposit of $1,500 is due with the signed contract and is credited toward the stud fee.  (See Ryder Breeding Contract).  Balance of stud fee is due no later than 30 days following whelping.  A litter consists of three or more puppies with a reduction of $200 per pup for litters less than three.  We reserve the right to select a puppy from the litter in lieu of the breeding fee.


A pedigree of your bitch, OFA and CERF. A signed “Stud and Breeding Contract” and prepaid costs must be received prior to shipment.

Breeding Procedures

Frozen Semen Breeding: (One frozen semen shipment per stud fee)  A nonrefundable deposit of $1,500 (applied to stud fee) is required prior to a frozen semen shipment.  All expenses associated with shipment of frozen semen and return of shipping container are the responsibility of the owner of the bitch being bred (approximately $280).  These expenses are to be prepaid to the storage facility.  It is the bitch owner’s responsibility to make shipping arrangements to their veterinarian from the storage facility.

 The Importance of Selecting Your Veterinarian

Although all vets receive a modicum of training in the reproductive field, this is certainly the time to use an expert.  Frozen semen breeding requires advance planning and great attention to detail.  Many parties will be involved.  Successful results depend upon co-ordination, correct information, communication and timing.  All litters are an expensive undertaking in terms of money, commitment and emotion.  We require that the vet you select for chilled or frozen semen be a reproductive specialist with a current active practice.  Your chances for a healthy, happy and economically sound experience are vastly improved.

Ryder and son ZZ Ryder

Ryder and son ZZ Ryder