Reed’s Breeding Protocol


Reed’s Breeding Contract

Stud Fee: $1,000 or the price of the most expensive puppy (which ever is greater). The stud owner reserves the right to select a puppy in lieu of the stud fee.

Natural Breeding: Transportation to and from breeding location, veterinary charges associated with the breeding, third party charges associated with the breeding, general health charges incurred will be the responsibility of the owner of the bitch being bred and are required to be prepaid.  After five days at Silver Creek Kennels a boarding fee of $25 per day will be charged.  A round trip pick-up and delivery fee for the Sacramento Airport (SMF) is $100 and is required to be prepaid.

Chilled Semen Breeding: A nonrefundable deposit of $200 (applied to stud fee) for up to two collections for the same bitch in the same heat cycle is required to be paid prior to the semen collection and chilled semen preparation.  It is the bitch owner’s responsibility to make shipping arrangements, pay semen collection and preparation charges to the collection facility and pay shipment expense.  We are not responsible for chilled semen once it has left the collection facility.

Frozen Semen Breeding: (One frozen semen shipment per stud fee) A nonrefundable deposit of $400 (applied to stud fee) is required to be paid prior to the frozen semen shipment. All expenses associated with semen retrieval, tank rental, shipping of the semen and return of the tank is the responsibility of the owner of the bitch being bred.  The frozen semen will be released after the above mentioned expenses have been paid.  We are not responsible for frozen semen once it has been released from the storage facility.

When using Frozen or Chilled Semen it is the responsibility of the owner of the bitch to make sure that they are dealing with a competent and experienced veterinarian.  The veterinarian selected for frozen semen breeding must have extensive experience in surgical or transcervical A.I. procedures and should have on site storage equipment for the frozen semen.  A minimum of three-business days notice is required for securing tank for shipping or the collection of fresh semen.

Stud fee is required to paid in full within 30 days of the whelping date unless the stud owner elects to select a pup from the litter in lieu of the stud fee.  A litter consists of three or more puppies.  The stud fee will be reduced by $150 per puppy in litters of less than three.

It is the responsibility of owner of the bitch and or veterinarian to keep the stud dog owner informed on the bitch’s general health, progesterone test results, planned collection or shipment date, semen arrival, A.I. date, ultra sounds, x-rays, whelping date, and all health problems or complications of the bitch.

It is understood that there is always a risk when transporting and boarding dogs, that injury or illness can occur, that dogs can escape.  It is further understood that the owners of the stud dog are not insurers of the bitch and are not liable for her loss, health or injury.

All bitches must have proof of: AKC or CKC, OFA hip and Elbows, CERF, CNM and EIC registrations and is current on all vaccinations including bordetella.  For a natural breeding a negative brucellosis test dated no sooner than two weeks prior to a natural breeding is required for a natural breeding.  The Veterinarian Certificate of Health used for airline shipment must be dated no sooner than four days prior to the shipment date.  If the stud owner is required to obtain a new Veterinarian Certificate of Health the owner of the bitch will be charged the veterinarian costs plus $95.